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Thousands of mini ball valve combinations, heating valves, accessories.


Valves, fittings, pump accessories, water filtration.


Cements amd primers, supply boxes, thread sealants, drain and Waste, gaskets, bolts, and many other quality plumbing products.

Uponor Plumbing

PEX plumbing systems.

Uponor Heating

Pre-isolated pipe, radiant heating system.

Myers, Pentair Water

Water treatment, expansion tanks, sewage pumps, effluent pumps, potable water.

Hydromatic, Pentair Water

Pumping system, sewage and effluent pumps.


Sinks, baths, niches, showers and shower doors.

"Apollo" Powerpress Xpress

Pressed carbon steel, copper press, press technology.

"Apollo" Flow Controls

Actuators and controls, backflow prevention, balancing valves.


Mechanical seals.


Foot valves, butterfly valves, regulation valves.


Flexible stainless-steel gas piping system. Fittings and accessories.

Ecoflex / Isonor

Thermal Twin, Thermal Single, Thermal Twin Jr., Potable plus Heat Trace.


Tools for plumbing, water service tools and plastic pipes. Threaders, vices and accessories.

Eaton B‑Line series

Strut support systems, fasteners, security, seismic.

ACPP Custom Plumbing Parts, ULC

Custom manifolds.

Berkeley, Sta-Rite, WellMate

Water treatment, filtration products, pumps and water systems.

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Our Experts

Stephane Stonely

Stéphane Stonely

Senior Director
450-691-9427 ext: 223

Jeoffrey Laberge

Jeoffrey Laberge

Director of Sales
450-691-9427 ext: 226

Jacky Daigle

Jacky Daigle

Sales Coordinator
Reed, B‑Line, Gastite
450-691-9427 ext: 232

Guylaine Laberge

Guylaine Laberge

Inside Sales
Apollo, Flomatic, Uponor, Ecoflex
450-691-9427 ext: 221

Sandra Fournier

Sandra Fournier

Inside Sales
Dahl, Hydromatic, Myers, Boshart, ACPP
450-691-9427 ext: 227

Keith Abdallah

Keith Abdallah

Inside Sales
Shurjoint, Uponor, Pentair
450-691-9427 ext: 222

Roxane Stonely

Roxane Stonely

Inside Sales
450-691-9427 ext: 224

Milier Reyes

Milier Reyes

Inside Sales
Nautika, Reed, Gastite, Dahl
450-691-9427 ext: 231

Martin Lignon

Martin Lignon

Sales Representative Montréal,
South Shore, North Shore

Daniel Vincent

Daniel Vincent

Outside Sales North Shore, Montreal

Jean Hubert

Jean Hubert

Outside Sales South Shore, Montreal

Marie-Claude Nadeau

Marie‑Claude Nadeau

Outside Sales Representative

Yasmina Khoubbane

Yasmina Khoubbane

Outside Sales Eastern Quebec

Stéphane Richard

Stéphane Richard

Outside Sales Eastern Quebec

Scott Munro

Scott Munro

Sales Representative
Atlantic Canada
Dahl, Boshart


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Reed Cordless Pipe Bevelers

Boshart Blogs and Solutions

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Gastite Flash Shield

Certification and Training Update Gastite/FlashShield

ProPEX® Commercial Ball Valves Uponor

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ProPEX EP male threaded adapters


Shurjoint M07 Rigid Coupling

Boshart Sediment Filters & Separators

Pentair Myers MUFKP40 Emergency Flood Kit

Reed Pump Stick® Cordless Water Transfer Pump

58A Series Balancing Valves

Flo-Trol CD900 Control Valves

About Us


NIMATEC is a sales agency specializing in the promotion of plumbing, heating and HVAC products to the wholesale and retail market.

OUR FOCUS is to build an efficient and effective manufacturers' agency with a strong commitment to customer service, technical support and product training.


  • Regular scheduled visits to all areas of our territory
  • A strong technical inside sales support
  • Prompt handling of technical questions and warranty claims
  • Product knowledge sessions with contractors
  • Product specification with engineers
  • Participation in all industry shows
  • Total customer service

Proud Members of:

Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating
American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE)
Association of Independent Manufacturers/Representatives  (AIM/R)
Association of Independent Manufacturers/Representatives  (AIM/R)

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